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My first adult decade

What has for sure happened this past decade: change and growth. Change is a thing you can count on. I became a full blown adult and made lots of mistakes along the way. In 2010 I was (barely) graduating from Chelsea High School. Entering 2020 I have a BS in Biomedical Physics and am starting a PhD combining computer science, neuroscience, and psychiatry. At the beginning of the decade I was a bit too independent. Pushing my family away in order to become the full blown adult who was completely self-sufficient and didn't need anyone. Luckily after a few injuries that literally knocked me on my ass, I learned it is courageous to lean on others and ask for help (thanks Brené Brown). I learned how to set healthy boundaries in my relationships and how to talk about and experience my emotions in a mindful, healthy manner. MOST IMPORTANTLY: I started believing in myself and telling myself (in the mirror on a daily basis), "You are worthy, lovable, and enough"...That is literally why I am "successful". I saw a lot of the world this past decade (mostly North America, Europe & Australia), met so many incredible souls, and saw that all of us are more alike than different. As I enter this next decade of my life I am focusing on how I can give back and help others (especially young girls), live more through my heart than my head and be more vulnerable, and live a greener, more sustainable life. BIG LOVE EVERYONE. ONE WORLD ONE FAMILY. We are all just walking each other home.

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