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Connectomic Alterations Linked to Transdiagnostic Risk for Psychopathology at the Transition to Adolescence. Chandra Sripada, Mike Angstadt, Saige Rutherford, Aman Taxali, Tristan Greathouse, D. Angus Clark, Luke Hyde, Alex Weigard, Sarah Brislin, Brian Hicks, Mary Heitzeg. Preprint

Differentiated Nomological Networks of Internalizing, Externalizing, and the General Factor of Psychopathology (“P factor”) in Emerging Adolescence in the ABCD study. Sarah J. Brislin, Meghan E. Martz, Sonalee Joshi, Elizabeth R. Duval, Arianna Gard, D. Angus Clark, Luke Hyde, Brian Hicks, Aman Taxali, Mike Angstadt, Saige Rutherford, Mary Heitzeg, Chandra Sripada. Preprint

Toward a “treadmill test” for cognition: Improved prediction of general cognitive ability from the task activated brain. Chandra Sripada, Mike Angstadt, Aman Taxali, Saige Rutherford, Kerby Sheddon. Human Brain Mapping

Boost in Test-Retest Reliability in Resting-State fMRI with Predictive Modeling. Chandra Sripada, Mike Angstadt, Aman Taxali, Saige Rutherford. Preprint.

General Factor of Psychopathology in ABCD. D Angus Clark, Brian M Hicks, Mike Angstadt, Saige Rutherford, Aman Taxali, Luke Williamson Hyde, Alexander Samuel Weigard, Mary M Heitzeg, Chandra Sripada. Preprint.


Prediction of Neurocognitive Profiles in Youth From Resting State fMRI. Chandra Sripada,  Saige Rutherford, Mike Angstadt, Wesley K Thompson, Monica Luciana, Alex Weigard, Luke Hyde, Mary Heitzeg. Molecular Psychiatry

Brain Network Mechanisms of General Intelligence. Chandra Sripada, Mike Angstadt, Saige Rutherford, Aman Taxali. Preprint.

Basic Units of Inter-Individual Variation in Resting State Connectomes. Chandra Sripada, Mike Angstadt, Saige Rutherford, Daniel Kessler, Mike Yee, Yura Kim, Liza Levina. Scientific Reports.

Automated Brain Masking of Fetal Functional MRI Data. Saige Rutherford, Pascal Sturmfels, Mike Angstadt, Jasmine Hect, Marion I van den Heuval, Jenna Wiens, Dustin Scheinost, Moriah Thomason, Chandra Sripada. Preprint.


A Domain Guided Architecture for Predicting Age from Structural Brain Images. Pascal Sturmfels, Saige Rutherford, Chandra Sripada, Mike Angstadt, Mark Peterson, Jenna Wiens. Conference paper Machine Learning for Healthcare

The "Social Brain" is Highly Sensitive to the Mere Presence of Social Information: An Automated Meta-analysis and an Independent Study. Ivy F. Tso, Saige Rutherford, Yu Fang, Mike Angstadt, Stephan F. Taylor. PLoS