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Social cognition and functional connectivity in early psychosis and schizophrenia.  Saige Rutherford, Carly A. Lasagna, Scott Blain, Andre F. Marquand, Thomas Wolfers, Ivy F. Tso. psyRxiv.


Mapping Cerebellar Anatomical Heterogeneity in Mental and Neurological Illnesses. Milin Kim, Esten Leonardsen, Saige Rutherford, Geir Selbæk, Karin Persson, Nils Eiel Steen, Olav B. Smeland, Torill Ueland,  Geneviève Richard, Christian F. Beckmann, Andre F. Marquand, Ole A. Andreassen, Lars T. Westlye, Thomas Wolfers, Torgeir Moberget. bioRxiv.

A neuroimaging measure to capture heterogeneous patterns of atrophy in Parkinson’s disease and dementia with Lewy bodies. R Bhome, S Verdi, SA Martin, N Hannaway, I Dobreva, NP Oxtoby, Castro Leal G, S Rutherford, AF Marquand, RS Weil, JH Cole. medRxiv.

Personalising Alzheimer’s Disease progression using brain atrophy markers. Serena Verdi, Saige Rutherford, Charlotte Fraza, Duygu Tosun, Andre Altmann, Lars Lau Raket, Jonathan M. Schott, Andre F. Marquand, James H. Cole. medRxiv.

Aberrant effective connectivity during eye gaze processing is linked to social functioning and symptoms in schizophrenia. Scott Blain, Stephan F. Taylor, Carly A. Lasagna, Mike Angstadt, Saige Rutherford, Scott Peltier, Vaibhav A. Diwadkar, Ivy F. Tso. Biological Psychiatry: Cognitive Neuroscience and Neuroimaging.

Neurobehavioral indices of gaze perception are associated with social cognition across schizophrenia patients and healthy controls. Scott Blain, Stephan F. Taylor, Saige Rutherford, Carly A. Lasagna, Beier Yao, Mike Angstadt, Michael F. Green, Timothy D. Johnson, Scott Peltier, Vaibhav A. Diwadkar, Ivy F. Tso. Journal of Psychopathology and Clinical Science.


Predictive Clinical Neuroscience Portal (PCNPortal): instant online access to research-grade normative models for clinical neuroscientists. Pieter Barkema, Saige Rutherford, Hurng-Chun Lee, Seyed Mostada Kia, Hannah Savage, Christian Beckmann, Andre Marquand. Wellcome open research.

Evidence for Embracing Normative Modeling. Saige Rutherford, Pieter Barkema, Ivy F Tso, Chandra Sripada, Christian F Beckmann, Henricus G Ruhe, Andre F Marquand. eLife. 



Closing the Lifecycle of Normative Modeling Using Federated Learning Hierarchical Bayesian Regression. Seyed Mostafa Kia, Hester Hudgens, Saige Rutherford, Richard Dinga, Thomas Wolfers, Marten Mennes, Ole A. Andreassen, Lars T. Westlye, Christian Beckmann, Andre Marquand. PLoS One. 

Contrasting Case-Control and Normative Reference Approaches to Capture Clinically Relevant Structural Brain Abnormalities in Patients With First-Episode Psychosis Who Are Antipsychotic Naive. Natalie Remiszewski, James Edward Bryant, Saige E. Rutherford, Andre F. Marquand, Eric Nelson, Ibrahim Askar, Adrienne Carol Lahti, Nina Vanessa Kraguljac. JAMA Psychiatry

The Normative Modeling Framework for Computational Psychiatry. Saige Rutherford, Seyed Mostafa Kia, Thomas Wolfers, .... Andre F. Marquand. Nature Protocols

Charting Brain Growth and Aging at High Spatial Precision. Saige Rutherford, Charlotte Fraza, Richard Dinga, Seyed Mostafa Kia, Thomas Wolfers, Mariam Zabihi, Pierre Berthet, Amanda Worker, Serena Verdi, Derek Andrews, Laura KM Han, Joanna MM Bayer, Paola Dazzan, Phillip McGuire, Roel T Mocking, Aart Schene, Chandra Sripada, Ivy F Tso, Elizabeth R Duval, Soo-Eun Chang, Brenda WJH Penninx, Mary M Heitzeg, S Alexandra Burt, Luke W Hyde, David Amaral, Christine Wu Nordahl, Ole A Andreassen, Lars T Westlye, Roland Zahn, Henricus G Ruhe, Christian F Beckmann, Andre F Marquand. eLife.


Brain-wide functional connectivity patterns support general cognitive ability and mediate effects of socioeconomic status in youth. Chandra Sripada, Mike Angstadt, Aman Taxali, D. Angus Clark, Tristan Greathouse, Saige Rutherford, Kerby Sheddon, Joesph R. Dickens, Arianna Gard, Luke Hyde, Alex Weigard, Mary Heitzeg. Translational Psychiatry

Widespread attenuating changes in brain connectivity associated with the general factor of psychopathology in 9- and 10-year olds. Chandra Sripada, Mike Angstadt, Aman Taxali, Daniel Kessler, Tristan Greathouse, Saige Rutherford, D. Angus Clark, Luke Hyde, Alex Weigard, Sarah Brislin, Brian Hicks, Mary Heitzeg. Translational Psychiatry. 

Aberrant Activation of the Mentalizing Brain System During Eye Gaze Processing in Bipolar Disorder. Ivy F. Tso, Cynthia Z. Burton, Carly Lasagna, Saige Rutherford, Baier Yao, Scott Peltier, Timothy Johnson, Melvin McInnis, Stephan F. Taylor. Psychiatry Research: Neuroimaging


Brainhack: developing a culture of open, inclusive, community-driven science. Neuron.


Centering Inclusivity in the design of online conferences. GigaScience.

Continuous Theta Burst Stimulation to the Secondary Visual Cortex Does Not Impair Vision in Humans. Carly Lasagna, Stephan F. Taylor, Taraz Lee, Saige Rutherford, Tristan Greathouse, Pan Gu, Ivy F. Tso. Frontiers in Human Neuroscience

Leveraging Big Data to Classify Children Who Stutter from Fluent Peers Saige Rutherford, Mike Angstadt, Chandra Sripada, Soo-Eun Chang. Preprint

Automated Brain Masking of Fetal Functional MRI Data. Saige Rutherford, Pascal Sturmfels, Mike Angstadt, Jasmine Hect, Marion I van den Heuval, Jenna Wiens, Dustin Scheinost, Moriah Thomason, Chandra Sripada. Neuroinformatics.



Dynamic Causal Modeling of Eye Gaze Processing in Schizophrenia. Ivy F. Tso, Mike Angstadt, Saige Rutherford, Scott Peltier, Vaibhav A Diwadkar, Stephan F. Taylor. Schizophrenia Research

The Promise of Machine Learning for Psychiatry. Saige Rutherford. Biological Psychiatry

Differentiated Nomological Networks of Internalizing, Externalizing, and the General Factor of Psychopathology (“P factor”) in Emerging Adolescence in the ABCD study. Sarah J. Brislin, Meghan E. Martz, Sonalee Joshi, Elizabeth R. Duval, Arianna Gard, D. Angus Clark, Luke Hyde, Brian Hicks, Aman Taxali, Mike Angstadt, Saige Rutherford, Mary Heitzeg, Chandra Sripada. Psychological Medicine.

Toward a “treadmill test” for cognition: Improved prediction of general cognitive ability from the task activated brain. Chandra Sripada, Mike Angstadt, Aman Taxali, Saige Rutherford, Kerby Sheddon. Human Brain Mapping

Boost in Test-Retest Reliability in Resting-State fMRI with Predictive Modeling. Aman Taxali, Mike Angstadt, Saige Rutherford, Chandra Sripada. Cerebral Cortex.

General Factor of Psychopathology in ABCD. D Angus Clark, Brian M Hicks, Mike Angstadt, Saige Rutherford, Aman Taxali, Luke Williamson Hyde, Alexander Samuel Weigard, Mary M Heitzeg, Chandra Sripada. Clinical Psychological Science.


Prediction of Neurocognitive Profiles in Youth From Resting-State fMRI. Chandra Sripada,  Saige Rutherford, Mike Angstadt, Wesley K Thompson, Monica Luciana, Alex Weigard, Luke Hyde, Mary Heitzeg. Molecular Psychiatry

Brain Network Mechanisms of General Intelligence. Chandra Sripada, Mike Angstadt, Saige Rutherford, Aman Taxali. Preprint.

Basic Units of Inter-Individual Variation in Resting-State Connectomes. Chandra Sripada, Mike Angstadt, Saige Rutherford, Daniel Kessler, Mike Yee, Yura Kim, Liza Levina. Scientific Reports.


A Domain Guided Architecture for Predicting Age from Structural Brain Images. Pascal Sturmfels, Saige Rutherford, Chandra Sripada, Mike Angstadt, Mark Peterson, Jenna Wiens. Conference paper Machine Learning for Healthcare

The "Social Brain" is Highly Sensitive to the Mere Presence of Social Information: An Automated Meta-analysis and an Independent Study. Ivy F. Tso, Saige Rutherford, Yu Fang, Mike Angstadt, Stephan F. Taylor. PLoS

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